First Visit

Initial Exam

Your first appointment will begin with a tour of our office where you’ll be introduced to staff and learn your way around. Plan for about an hour that day. You will meet with our treatment coordinator who will take a look at your teeth, take measurements and an x-ray if needed. Dr. Snyder will also be a part of that meeting and he will give you a diagnosis and treatment plan at that time if necessary.

You will have time to ask any questions you may have, including financial questions. Our goal is that you leave here after this first visit with all of your questions answered.

Orthodontic Records

Should treatment be recommended, we will schedule a records appointment to take photos, x-rays and dental molds.


Once Dr. Snyder has analyzed the records, a computerized presentation will follow in order to explain the orthodontic problems, treatment goals and treatment options. The basic purpose of this consultation is to educate … we want you to leave here feeling confident.

Second Opinions

We would be honored to treat you and your family at our office; however, we realize that there are times when you want to seek a second opinion. Dr. Snyder has created a list of questions for you to consider when comparing offices. Click here to view these questions.